Tuck Everlasting Releases Original Cast Recording


Michael Martella, Michael Park, Andrew Keenan-Bolger



SSC_0686 (1)Martella


SSC_0681 (1) Park

Although the Broadway musical Tuck Everlasting has closed, the original cast recording was just released at Barnes & Noble on July 14, and Maryann Lopinto was on the scene to gather photos.

 SSC_0693 Tuck
On hand for the CD Release, the performers from the show – Andrew Keenan-Bolger, who played Tuck,  Michael Park and Michael Martella;  the book writer, Ted Federle,  lyricst Nathan Tysen, and composer Chris Miller who played the piano for the performances.
SSC_0670 Federle,Miller,Tysen

Federle, Miller, Tysen

The presentation started with the creative team and a discussion, followed by an audience Q & A.   The musical was based on a book for children written in 1975 by Natalie Babbitt and became an instant classic.  In 1988, eleven year old Chris Miller read this book as did Nathan Tysen.
In 2009 both Miller and Tysen began their songwriting collaboration, deciding that this book about a family with a potion that gave them eternal life, the Tucks, should be a musical.
Photos: Maryann Lopinto